Trigger Point Injections Now Offered for Muscle Pain Relief

Trigger Point Injections – Now Offered for Muscle Pain Relief

Baxter & Walsh Physical Therapy now offers trigger point injections as an option for muscle pain relief for some patients!

What Are Trigger Points?

When an area of muscle is traumatized, surrounding bands can tighten or form a knot that restricts blood flow. These areas are referred to as trigger points and they are extremely sensitive to palpation or deep pressure. In some cases, nerves become trapped in trigger points which can cause pain to be experienced in locations away from the site of injury (referred pain). Sometimes referred pain is experienced near trigger points and sometimes it can occur in other parts of the body.

Numerous trigger points can result in painful areas that overlap due to referred pain. Trigger points are commonly caused when muscles are held in awkward, unnatural positions for extended periods. People who work at computers, spend hours on the phone, or are involved in other activities that compromise good posture, produce emotional or physical stress, etc often develop trigger points which commonly form in the shoulders, neck and lower back, as well as the arms and legs.

However, a trigger point can also form as a result of an injury, surgical procedure, fibromyalgia scar tissue formation, and various other issues and conditions. Trigger points can be either a primary muscular problem or a secondary condition to other issues.

How Trigger Points Can Affect You

Trigger points not only cause pain, but they can also compromise range of motion. This occurs through a chain reaction. When you try to move an affected area such as an arm, leg, neck, or lower back, the immediate muscles resist and other muscles have to compensate causing them to be overworked. Over time, they too can develop trigger points which leads to an expansion of the problem that manifests through throbbing or sharp, deep pain.

If trigger points go untreated, they can lead to excruciating pain and a significant loss of mobility. Sometimes, they cause permanent loss of movement of the affected area and disability.

Trigger Point Injection Treatment

After trigger point diagnosis, the objective is to de-activate and relax the affected area or areas. There are numerous treatment options available to achieve this goal, and trigger point injections are an effective means of achieving it. Procedures are easily carried out in the office. The skin of an identified area is cleaned and a small needle is introduced into the trigger point.

Patients may experience a twitching sensation or mild pain after the injection has occurred which can last a few seconds or as long a few minutes. However, the injection ultimately relaxes and de-activates the trigger point which alleviates pain.

Stretching exercises and ice packs applied to injection sites after treatment can help to improve mobility and reduce soreness. If a local anesthetic is used, numbness may be experienced for up to an hour after treatment.

Be sure to ask us about trigger point injections for treating pain and how the procedure might be a good option for you. To schedule a trigger point therapy appointment at Baxter & Walsh Physical Therapy, call us at either