Travis Pastrana Breaks Ankle and Competes 3 Days Later

Sometimes orthopedic injuries can sideline athletes for an extended period of time or even end careers, but in the case of Travis Pastrana, an injury of the ankle was only a minor inconvenience, as he was back on the track competing in a NASCAR qualifying event just 3 days later. Pastrana is well-known for his extreme attitude in his career as an X Games competitor in supercross, motocross, freestyle motocross, and rally racing and as a racer in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Throughout his career in these events, Pastrana has suffered a wide range of injuries, but perhaps the most notable was an ankle fracture that sent him to the ER and still had him competing within the same week.

A brutal leg injury

In this short video clip, you can see Pastrana landing under his bike after a jump, causing him to limp away from the track. The fall caused him to break several bones in his ankle and foot, landing him in the ER and expecting hand surgery within the coming weeks. In his typical spirit, Pastrana barely seemed phased by the injury, though the ankle fracture was just another in a long list of broken bones.

Modifications and return to competition

Initially, Pastrana withdrew from his upcoming NASCAR race, but his team made some modifications to his rally car that allowed him to compete despite his injuries. Pastrana adapted to the modifications and won his qualifying RallyCross event. He then finished fourth in the final race after a crash in the last lap, further proving Pastrana’s toughness and commitment to his craft.

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