Recovering from Common Tennis Injuries

Tennis is a fun sport, but it can lead to certain injuries, such as “tennis elbow.” Thankfully, tennis players can recover from these common injuries with stretches learned in their physical therapist’s office. Read on to learn more about how to recover from common tennis injuries.

Tennis Elbow

The most common tennis injury is known as “tennis elbow.” This injury occurs due to the overuse or improper conditioning of the muscles in the forearm. When a tennis player grips his racket and swings it, he strains the muscles and tendons connecting his wrist to his elbow. The best ways to treat, recover from, and prevent tennis elbow are to ice the elbow and use a range of exercises from physical therapy. A physical therapist can offer various stretches and motions that will strengthen the forearm muscles.

Stress Fractures

Stress fractures often occur when an amateur begins a sport or a seasoned player steps up his training. When a player trains too quickly or too hard, he can put too much stress on his muscles and bones. This stress causes minor fractures to develop on the bones of the feet or legs. These fractures can cause a deep ache for the player. It is crucial to perform strength and endurance exercises alongside sport-specific training. This will help prevent the development of stress fractures.

Muscle Strains

When a tennis player does not stretch or warm up properly before a practice or a game, he is likelier to develop a muscle strain. These painful strains typically develop following a quick or sudden movement. If the pain does not abate with ice and rest, then the player should visit his physical therapist. A physical therapist will know the necessary stretches and exercises to strengthen a strained muscle and prevent future strains.

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