Rashad Johnson Fingertip

Although sports injuries are common among football players, this contact sport is most often associated with impact and joint injuries, rather than loss of limb. However, during a game in 2003, Arizona Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson experienced an unexplained injury that cost him the tip of his left middle finger. Read on for more details about this unusual accident.

The Fingertip Injury

Johnson’s injury occurred during an away game against the New Orleans Saints in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. While Johnson was able to identify the play during which the injury occurred, he is not entirely sure how it happened. Following a tackle in the first half, Johnson experienced numbness in his hand. He looked down to see blood coming from his left glove; when the glove was cut off, the middle finger had been completely severed just above the knuckle, leaving the bone exposed. The fingertip, still intact, remained in Johnson’s glove.

The Treatment Process

Following the injury, physicians focused on preventing infection. There were no attempts to reattach the fingertip, and instead the exposed bone was shaved down during surgery and the open wound stitched closed. Johnson remained in good spirits throughout, although he says the true weight of the injury didn’t hit him until his bandages were being replaced and he saw that his middle and index fingers were the same length. Although the experience was exceedingly painful, Johnson bounced back quickly and continued to play for the Cardinals through 2016. Today, he remains on the field playing for the Tennessee Titans.