Questions Lacrosse Players Might Have in Physical Therapy

You don’t have to be nervous going into your first physical therapy session, and going in with the right knowledge can help you stay relaxed. Keep reading for some questions lacrosse players might have in physical therapy.

Which Injuries Should I Look Out For?

Although it won’t do much to look out for an injury that has already landed you in physical therapy, it pays to know how to avoid making the same mistake twice. Understanding common lacrosse injuries and how they occur can help you stay on the field rather than on the sidelines. Lacrosse players should watch out for ankle sprains, concussions, and wrist fractures while they’re playing.

What Can I Do to Stay Healthy?

From the food you eat to the pads you wear on the field, there are many factors that can impact your chance of injury. It’s important that you remember to stretch thoroughly before hitting the field, even if you are just going to warm up. Stretching can help prevent overextension and overuse injuries so you can keep your season going.

How Should I Work Out During the Off-Season?

Athletes tend to be in better shape during the middle of the season, but you can avoid future injuries by staying as fit as possible all year long. The way you work out during the offseason will set you up for continued health and success throughout the entire season. You can get yourself back in shape and avoid injuries during the season by doing ball drills, line drills, and other exercises on a regular basis.

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