Preparing to Get Back in the Game This Spring

You can’t expect to go into the season in the same shape you were in when you finished the last one, and rushing in without preparing is asking for injury. You’ll need to make sure any existing injuries have stopped bothering you, get your nutrition back in order, and gradually get back into shape. Read on for help preparing to get back in the game this spring.

Take Care of Injuries

Certain types of injuries will heal themselves as long as you rest and take care of yourself, but others will require a more active and involved recovery process. Sprains, breaks, twists, and pulls are common across all kinds of sports, and you might need to work with a physical therapist to ensure that your injury heals properly. Remember that you’re more likely to experience the same injury twice if you don’t let it heal the right way the first time, so it’s always wise to talk to a professional.

Eat Properly

You might cheat on your diet a little bit during the offseason, but make sure you get yourself back on the right track when you start your preseason training. You’ll want to go back to a balanced diet including plenty of fruits and vegetables. Remember to stay hydrated, as your body will need the extra fluids when you start training again.

Ease Into It

You can’t expect to be in midseason shape for the first game of the season. Set reasonable goals and ease back into your training regimen; this can prevent you from suffering new injuries or aggravating old ones while you prepare for a career season.

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