How Physical Therapy Can Stop Your Chronic Headaches

Headaches can take you out of the game like no other, and when their headache medication is unable to solve the problem, people’s level of concern understandably rises. If you have chronic headaches that do not respond to medication, you probably already know that you should contact a doctor. You might be expecting a grim diagnosis, but that’s usually not the case: you might even be surprised to hear that the solution is physical therapy! Baxter and Walsh is able to treat a variety of headache-causing disorders and conditions, so if you’re in pain, we can help! Here’s how.

Understanding The Causes of Headaches

Headaches are caused by a very wide variety of factors. Although the most worrisome cause is a tumor, those are very rare compared to the other causes most working people experience, like: poor posture, neck pain, eating certain types of food, disc problems, muscle tension, and the old standby, stress. If you sit in front of a computer for hours every day, don’t be surprised if you suffer from headaches due to possible poor posture or eye strain. If you don’t know why you have a headache and you’ve ruled out a serious condition, the first thing we will do when you see us for a consultation is to determine what’s causing you pain.

How Physical Therapy Can Stop a Headache

After your medical doctor has referred you to us for physical therapy, we will evaluate your condition to determine the correct course of treatment for you. Treatment may include the application of heat or ice, stretches, mobilizations, strengthening, and postural training. Although the length of the course of treatment will depend on the cause of your headaches, many patients have experienced relief in a short amount of time, while others have taken longer.

The physical therapists at Baxter and Walsh got into the physical therapy business for one simple reason: to make people feel better. Being in pain is no fun, and we are one of the most trusted physical therapists in Long Island because we know how to make it go away. Give us a call at 631-206-2989 in Bay Shore or 516-826-0116 in Wantagh to start on the road to a pain free life.