Could Paul George Return from his Leg Injury This Season? Unbelievably, Yes

Paul George is an All-Star forward for the NBA’s Indiana Pacers whose play has helped elevate the Pacers to being one of the Eastern Conference’s top teams. Despite being only 24, George has rapidly improved on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball since entering the league. Eventually, his high caliber of play led him to be named to the U.S. National Team. During a televised, August 1st National Team scrimmage in Las Vegas, viewers were horrified to watch Paul George suffer a serious compound fracture of the leg, a very similar injury to the one suffered by Kevin Ware during March Madness. The injury was so serious that it compelled teammate Kevin Durant to leave the team due to injury fears.

What Happened?

The play seems like a routine foul, until you see where George lands- it’s almost as if he misjudged how much room he had before hitting the base of the basket. This proved to be a point of controversy, since international rules dictate that the court have smaller dimensions than the NBA does. In whatever case, it’s evident that George lands very awkwardly after the play. He suffered a compound fracture of the leg, very similar to the one famously suffered by Kevin Ware. Like Ware, he was immediately taken to surgery where his leg was set and a pin put in place.

His Recovery

It was clear to anyone who watched the tape of the injury that Paul George would miss significant playing time. At first, most experts safely stated that he’d miss the entire upcoming NBA season. However, by September he was putting weight on the leg, and by October he was cleared to practice jump shots. This recovery is incredibly fast by anyone’s standard, and Paul George is hoping to return in time for the NBA Playoffs. Stay tuned for

The parallels with Kevin Ware’s leg injury don’t end with the injury itself. Oddly enough, Mike Krzyzewski, the coach of the U.S. National team, was on hand to see both of these injuries in person- he was on the opposing sideline when Kevin Ware’s Louisville Cardinals took on his Duke Blue Devils that fateful day.

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