Marc Mariani’s Ankle Injury

Football can be a gruesome sport, and it has been responsible for some of the most brutal injuries seen among professional athletes. In the 2012 NFL preseason, wide receiver and record-setting punt returner, Marc Mariani, suffered one of the more memorable injuries seen on the field in recent years when he sustained a nasty fracture in his ankle after a tackle and pile up with fellow Titans. Below you can see more details of this injury that substantially slowed down Mariani’s career and ended his 2012-2013 season before it even started.

A season-ending injury

When Mariani was taken down on the field, he was told not to look at his grisly injury by his fellow players, because the compound fracture in his ankle was not a pretty sight. In an interview following the injury, Mariani expressed that he was scared that the injury would be career ending. It did prevent him from playing at all in the regular season, and it was followed by some significant surgery and a long road to recovery.

The recovery process

Fortunately for Mariani, he did not sustain ligament damage with the compound ankle fracture, but he did need to have a metal rod placed in his leg. Following surgery, Mariani had an extensive rehabilitation process.

A return to the NFL

Mariani was released from the Tennessee Titans during final cuts in August of 2014, but he was signed with a 2-year contract by the Chicago Bears in November of that year. Still, he has not had the record-setting performances on the field that he was known for before his infamous injury.

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