Kevin Ware Struggles After Traumatic Leg Injury

One of the most traumatic sports injuries recorded happened to Louisville Cardinals college basketball guard Kevin Ware. The nationally-televised injury sickened players, coaches and fans alike. The horrible injury has since left Ware struggling to regain top-game performance.

How It Happened

Kentucky’s University of Louisville Cardinals men’s basketball team was pitted against North Carolina’s Duke University Blue Devils in a NCAA Tournament Midwest regional game on March 31, 2013.

During a first half three-point attempt by a Duke opponent, Ware leaped into the air to contest it and landed awkwardly on his right leg. The leg buckled resulting in a compound fracture that left Ware’s broken tibia bone protruding through the skin of his leg. Ware was treated for several minutes courtside before being whisked away on a stretcher. Louisville went on to dedicate the remainder of the game to Ware and rallied to beat Duke 85 to 63.

Corrective Measures

Ware was immediately rushed to Methodist Hospital of Indianapolis by ambulance. Upon admittance, Ware was prepped for surgery where he remained for two hours while surgeons inserted a metal rod to hold together his tibia.

The strange breaking in two of Ware’s tibia had people questioning how such a horrific injury could occur by simply landing awkwardly during a routine play. Two separate doctors went on record stating that they believed there were probably underlying bone issues that existed before the accident. New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital physician, Dr. Robert Glatter, surmised that there could have been a stress fracture. The Ohio State University sports medicine director agreed, adding that the injury could also have transpired due to calcium and vitamin D deficiency.

Effect on Career

A year after the injury, Ware returned to the court for the Cardinals during the second half of a pre-season game against Pikeville to a standing ovation. Seven months after the gruesome leg break and subsequent rehabilitation, Ware hit his first three-pointer and went on to help lead his team to a 90-61 victory. During the 2013-2014 season, Ware played in only nine games revealing he still wasn’t 100 percent.

Louisville coach Rick Pitino was noted as saying that Ware was noticeably limping during practices. By December, Ware was taken out of play entirely for the remainder of the season following a kick to his tender leg on the 17th against Missouri State. For unknown reasons, Ware began missing practices and games and eventually stopped going to school altogether. He officially transferred on April 12, 2014 to Georgia State University to be closer to home.

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