How Can You Bounce Back from a Joint Replacement?

If you are struggling with the pain and ongoing discomfort of arthritis or joint injuries that have not properly healed, you might consider joint replacement surgery to seek relief. Following joint replacement surgery, you can expect to live a more active life free from chronic pain, but it will take time to fully recover and see complete healing. This article will offer some tips to help you make a more rapid recovery while addressing your physical needs.

Opt for minimally-invasive joint replacement surgery

Before you schedule surgery, you should talk to your orthopedic surgeon about the options available for your care. In many cases, minimally-invasive joint replacement will be an appropriate alternative to open surgeries, providing a complication-free recovery with reduced damage to the healthy muscle tissues that surround the affected joint.

Schedule pre- and post-surgical physical therapy

Physical therapy will be integral to your rehabilitation following joint replacement. You will want to see a physical therapist before you have surgery and schedule sessions starting shortly after your operation so that you are prepared for your procedure and ready to jump right into the recovery process. Physical activity is very important after any joint replacement procedure, since movement will help the body bond with the prosthetic joint and adjust properly.

Set clear recovery goals

Working with both your orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist, you should set goals for your recovery, which might include specific activities you hope to do within a given timeframe. You will also want to understand that there will be challenges along the way as you work toward your goals, so it’s helpful to put plans in place to face tough challenges with the help of your physical therapist.

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