Hasim Rahman’s Injury from Evander Holyfield’s Head Butt

Boxing is one of the most brutal sports on the planet, and it has produced some serious injuries in the ring. One of the more infamous injuries seen in the sport was a head butt delivered to Hasim Rahman from heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield. The fight, which took place in 2002 was won by Holyfield on a technical decision, because the injury resulted in a massive hematoma, which obstructed Rahman’s vision and would have posed a significant risk if Rahman had continued to fight in the match.

A fight-ending injury

Immediately following the head strike from Holyfield, Rahman experienced massive swelling above his right eye, which would temporarily affect his vision and put the fight to an end at the decision of referee, Tony Orlando. Shortly after the fight, Rahman was seen with an icepack applied to the massive welt, which had seen some swelling subside after the fight was ended. Following the match, Rahman had stated: “I didn’t think he could do that much damage with his head. He must have had a metal plate in there.” Rahman also later remarked that he was “sitting here with an extra head” as he was interviewed after the fight.

Long-term impact of the head butt

Though the injury sustained by Rahman produced a rather large welt and temporary side effects, it did not appear to have a long-term impact on Rahman’s career. However, the head butt did take place during Rahman’s comeback fight after a downswing in his career, which ultimately led him to step back to a lower level of competition, where he worked to get back into shape before making a second and more successful comeback in 2007.

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