How Do Golfers Tend to Get Hurt?

Golfing may seem like a mild sport, but it can result in several injuries. Physical therapists often see injured backs, elbows, shoulders, and knees in amateur and professional golfers. Read on to see how these golfers are becoming injured.

They swing too hard.

One of the most physically demanding exercises of golf comes during the swing. Golfers must use various muscles, tendons, and bones to swing a golf club into a golf ball. This may not seem like it should lead to injuries, but it can lead to pains in the back, hips, elbows, wrists, and knees. As the sport of golf has become more competitive and more popular, golfers have had to adjust their swing to hit the ball harder than ever before. This is an incredible force on the body, and the harder golfers must swing, then the likelier they will suffer injuries.

They use repetitive motions.

In addition to a harder swing, golfers consistently use repetitive motions. They are often bent over with knees slightly bent for a combined several hours during one round of 18 holes. They use the same swinging motion dozens of times for one round, and they will use that same motion when they practice. Using these motions continually puts a significant strain on golfers’ tendons and bones, which causes common injuries, such as “golfer’s elbow” and rotator cuff pain.

They are new golfers.

New golfers who have not conditioned themselves correctly may suffer injuries in the back and neck. During the swinging motion, a new golfer may injure himself from an abrupt movement or strain. This can cause severe pains in the back and neck.

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