The Golfer’s Guide to Injury Prevention

With the weather warming up outdoors, you might be excited to return to the golf course to play 18 holes while enjoying the beautiful scenery of springtime. Before you get back on the green, however, it can be helpful to brush up on some basics to prevent repetitive use injuries caused by your swing. This article will explore some key points in avoiding golf-related injuries while improving your score.

Increase Your Flexibility

Many golfers neglect to warm up effectively before a round, which can limit range of motion, causing more stress with every swing. To help you warm up and maintain proper follow-through with your swing, be sure to stretch for at least 10 minutes before every round or trip to the driving range. A finely tuned golf swing will use all major muscle groups, so be sure to maintain flexibility with stretches for the shoulders, neck, spine, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles.

Focus on Your Posture

Because the perfect golf swing is much more complex than it looks, there are many minor adjustments that might help improve your posture and reduce your slice with every swing. Working with a professional to identify weak points in your swing and adjust accordingly can make a huge impact on your average score and give you a big edge when it comes to injury prevention.

Condition Off the Green

As with any sport, it is helpful to train both on and off the field. To help you maximize your golf game while lowering the risk of injuries, you might utilize activities that build core strength, such as yoga, Pilates, and rowing. These exercises can improve abdominal strength to reduce lower back pain and add stability to your core, which will take stress off other areas of the body when you swing your clubs.

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