Ensure Smooth Sailing This Summer with These Injury Prevention Tips

Summer is finally here, and the weather is perfect for sailing. However, you should always be careful to prevent injuries. To keep yourself in good health and out of physical therapy, here are some simple tips to prevent sailing injuries:

Always Wear a Lifejacket

The number one sailing requirement is to always wear a personal flotation device. Even if you are experienced in sailing, you should still have direct access to a lifejacket or flotation device of some sort. Thankfully, there are many styles and colors available to fit your needs. If you need a lifejacket with a little more comfort or coverage, there are even flotation jackets which will protect against hypothermia and drowning. Wearing a flotation device could protect you in the event you get swept overboard, knocked unconscious in the water, or the boat sinks.

Watch Your Fingers

Injuries to the hands and fingers are prevalent on sailboats. There are tight ropes, slippery surfaces, and various types of heavy equipment. You can easily cut yourself or crush your hand in a winch. Either of these injuries, and several others, are enough to send you to the hospital and require physical therapy. Always be aware of where your hands are resting, and keep your arms from swinging around.

Keep Your Eyes Open

When you are on the open seas, sailing in the wind, keep a lookout for the boom. This is a long, horizontal pole that swings as it holds the sail tight against the wind. One of the most common causes of sailing death and injuries is from being hit with the boom. Many sailors may not realize the boom is moving, or they may walk straight into it. Always be aware of where you are standing on a boat.

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