E.J. Henderson’s Leg Meets Its Match

It’s tough to make a name for yourself and lead an outstanding career if you’re bogged down with injuries, which is a problem that E.J. Henderson dealt with during his time as a football player. Severe injuries come with long recovery windows, and it can take a little while to get back into playing shape after you have recovered. Many athletes expedite the process and enjoy full recoveries thanks to physical therapy, but this can take time as well. Continue if you would like to learn about the time E.J. Henderson’s leg met its match.

Friendly Fire

Although athletes rarely try to injure each other on purpose, the intensity of contact sports can create situations that lead to tears, pulls, and breaks. To add insult to injury, sometimes teammates will end up injuring each other by accident. E.J. Henderson of the Minnesota Vikings was going in for a tackle during the fourth quarter of a game against the Arizona Cardinals in 2009. Unfortunately, his teammate had the target picked out, and the two found themselves colliding with each other with force.

A Season Ending Injury

E.J. Henderson had been sidelined throughout most of the 2008 season due to a toe injury and its ensuing surgery, and he would be done with the 2009 season after his collision with his teammate. Breaking his femur left him out for the season; fortunately for Henderson and the Vikings, it did not turn out to be the end of his football career.