Drew Brees’ Torn Rotator Cuff

Injuries are part of life for athletes. This means that professionals should always take extra care to ensure that they don’t take on any extra risks. Quarterback Drew Brees understands the importance of focusing on recovery after sustaining an injury that could have ended his career over a decade ago. He knows he will have to continue to take extra care of his injured shoulder to prevent further problems from occurring, so he makes it a point to stay in touch with his physical therapist.

An Old Injury and Successful Recovery

Drew Brees was the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints when he ended the 2005 season. During the offseason, he was forced to undergo a significant operation to repair his torn rotator cuff. This is a serious injury that could have sidelined him for the rest of his career, but the right recovery routine helped him get back to full strength.

A Future of Extra Care

It may feel nice to get over an injury, but you always have to be careful about aggravating the injury again in the future. Brees immediately understood that he would have to dedicate more effort and attention to his previously injured arm in order to keep it in shape.

An Ongoing Relationship

When you recover from an injury, you still need to keep in touch with your medical professional in order to avoid complications. Brees did exactly this when he bruised his rotator cuff after tearing it in the past, and he was able to work with his medical professional and continue his career.