Designing a Warmup Routine to Prevent Lacrosse Injuries

Lacrosse is a physically-demanding sport that requires strength, flexibility, and coordination. Sports warmup routines aim to prepare the body for play by warming up the muscles and joints, as well as stimulating the nervous system for faster response times and smoother motion. Developing and following an effective warmup routine is one of the best ways to prevent many of the common sports injuries associated with lacrosse, including strains, sprains, and fractures.

Dynamic Stretching

While static stretching is best for physical therapy and post-play cooldown routines, dynamic stretching is an effective warmup technique during preparation for practices and games. Dynamic stretching options for a lacrosse warmup routine may include walking knee hugs or quad pulls, sumo squats, ankle hops, jumping jacks, and trunk twists. Any dynamic stretching routine should always include some element of cardiovascular activity, and should most closely target the motions and muscle groups players will use on the field.

Sprints and Form Running

Short sprints are another great way to warm up the body prior to a lacrosse match or practice. Sprinting can be an ideal bookend to a dynamic stretching routine, but should involve lower levels of effort at the beginning of the warmup and only build to 100% effort at the end of the routine. If possible, sprints should be kept to a distance of 20 yards or less. Form running, which focuses on technique more than speed, may also be an effective addition to a lacrosse warmup routine, helping to remind the body of the proper movements to take for healthy and safe movement during play.

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