Common Soccer Injuries to Watch For

Soccer is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in North America, as it has been around the world for many years. With this increase in participation, players, parents, and loved ones should be aware of the common injuries that may occur on and off the field.

Ankle and Knee Sprains

Due to the nature of soccer playing—running sprints on a field and kicking a ball—many soccer players suffer from ankle and knee sprains more than many other injuries. These sprains typically occur when a player steps badly and the ankle or knee is overextended. Most sprains can be treated with rest, ice, and heat applied to the injured area, though physical therapy may be recommended for more serious sprains.

Torn Ligaments and Cartilage

When a limb suffers torn ligaments or torn cartilage, the injury is similar to an extremely bad sprain. Depending on the area of the sprain and its level of severity, the player may need extended rest, anti-inflammatories, ice, and heat. However, the more severe the injury, the likelier that surgery or physical therapy will be required.

Shin Splints

Shin splints occur when the calf muscles become inflamed and sore. This is a type of overuse injury that can happen when a soccer player’s training routine changes. A change may be as simple as higher-intensity workouts, change in running surface, or wearing incorrect shoes. This injury can be treated with rest and refraining from performing the workout which caused the problem. Working with a physical therapist can prevent shin splints from recurring by building the muscles in the legs to reduce future stress.

Stress Fractures

Stress fractures typically occur when activity has suddenly increased, and they can often be found in different bones of the foot. These fractures may be treated with rest, ice, elevating the limb, and wrapping a bandage around the area. A doctor or physical therapist should be seen right away before a stress fracture can worsen.

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