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What Is RICE and How Can It Benefit You?

When you’ve suffered an injury from a sporting event or other trauma, your first thought will probably be about alleviating the pain. RICE is a handy acronym that can make it easy to take care of your injury, and it…Read More

Drew Brees’ Torn Rotator Cuff

Injuries are part of life for athletes. This means that professionals should always take extra care to ensure that they don’t take on any extra risks. Quarterback Drew Brees understands the importance of focusing on recovery after sustaining an injury…Read More

Kevin Ware’s Broken Leg

No matter what kind of sport you play, there is always the risk of injury. Athletes must be prepared to twist and contort their bodies in all kinds of ways in order to put the puck in the net or…Read More

Tone up for Summer Sailing with these Exercises

Sailing can be a great way to unwind on summer days, but many people forget that sailing can be quite a workout, and they end up sustaining injuries that require extensive physical therapy to treat. To prepare yourself now for…Read More

Willis McGahee’s Infamous Knee Injury

Willis McGahee is now a well-known player in the NFL, but when he was still a collegiate footballer, he suffered a massive knee injury. His knee injury could have been a career-ender, but he went through months of intense rehabilitation…Read More

Recovering from Common Tennis Injuries

Tennis is a fun sport, but it can lead to certain injuries, such as “tennis elbow.” Thankfully, tennis players can recover from these common injuries with stretches learned in their physical therapist’s office. Read on to learn more about how…Read More

Rajon Rondo’s Back Injury

Injuries are common in all sports, regardless of how much contact is expected. Rajon Rondo suffered an especially scary injury during a basketball game against the New York Knicks while he was a Boston Celtic, but he was able to…Read More

Preparing to Get Back in the Game This Spring

You can’t expect to go into the season in the same shape you were in when you finished the last one, and rushing in without preparing is asking for injury. You’ll need to make sure any existing injuries have stopped…Read More

E.J. Henderson’s Leg Meets Its Match

It’s tough to make a name for yourself and lead an outstanding career if you’re bogged down with injuries, which is a problem that E.J. Henderson dealt with during his time as a football player. Severe injuries come with long…Read More