Can You Imagine Falling 45 Feet? Skateboarder Jake Brown Did…and Walked Away!

Extreme sports athletes are known for their toughness, especially skateboarders. After all, it takes a special kind of courage and durability to do some of the things skateboarders do knowing that you’re very likely going to fall, over and over, onto hard surfaces like concrete. However, even hardened skaters couldn’t believe the fall that Australian skateboarder Jake Brown suffered during the 2007 X-Games at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

What Happened?

Jake Brown was discovered by skating legend Danny Way at the age of 15. Ever since, he developed a reputation as an inventive, daring big-air skater, going on to win a silver medal at the 2006 X-Games. When the 2007 games came around, he determined to land a 720: and did, on the first part of the event. However, on the second portion of the event, his board got away from him while he was at his highest point of the jump: around 45 in the air. Jake slammed to the hard wood floor, knocking him totally conscious with his shoes flying off in the process. After the fall, numerous pro skaters related that they initially thought he was dead.

How Did He Recover?

Although Jake surprised everyone in attendance by walking away under his own power, he had numerous injuries including a ruptured spleen, broken forearm, whiplash, and a severe concussion. Although he did not require a great deal of physical therapy, Jake has said that the fall affected him both physically and mentally for around two years. Jake’s recovery came full circle in 2009, when he won his first X-Games gold medal in the Big Air event, two years after his unforgettable slam.

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