Brandon Inge and Danny Amendola Have Wild Joint Dislocation Stories!

A dislocated joint is an injury that needs no introduction: it is straightforward, painful, and immediately debilitating. Whether it is your hip, shoulder, elbow, finger or toe, a dislocated joint is a problem that needs immediate as well as on-going treatment and therapy. Although many athletes have suffered dislocations while playing their respective sports, we’re going to take a look at the specific cases of two in particular: baseball player Brandon Inge, and football player Danny Amendola.

Brandon Inge Replies to Everyone Who’s Ever Called a Baseball Player “Soft”

Baseball isn’t regarded as a “rough” sport; indeed, many sports fans probably see baseball as the “safest” sport to play out of the four most popular American sports. However, injuries do happen. During a game against the White Sox, then-Athletics player Brandon Inge tried to field a ball hit his way. However, he couldn’t make the throw to first: because his shoulder had popped out! Incredibly, he not only popped it back into its socket by himself, he stayed in the game and delivered the game-winning hit! Although he finished the game, he didn’t finish the season: the shoulder eventually put him on the shelf as it required season-ending surgery.

Danny Amendola’s Terrifying Dislocation

When Danny Amendola was with the St. Louis Rams, he suffered a dislocation that was downright cringe-worthy. While attempting to catch a pass, he fell badly and dislocated his clavicle. Typically, the clavicle pops outward during a dislocation, but this time it popped inward, and came a fraction of an inch from puncturing his aorta, which would likely have killed him! Incredibly, Rams trainers called other NFL teams trying to find out ways to help Amendola rehab from this injury, but no other team had heard of a dislocation of this type! Eventually, though, they figured it out and Amendola went on to win a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots.

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