Bo Jackson: The Greatest Athlete Ever Makes an Equally Great Comeback

If you were watching sports in the late 80’s and early 90’s, there was one name that became synonymous with greatness: Bo Jackson. Bo Jackson not only became an All-Star in Baseball and Football, he became a pop culture icon with Nike’s “Bo Knows” advertising campaign: a campaign that helped Nike overtake Reebok as the top athletic shoe brand. However, it all came crashing down when Bo Jackson suffered a hip injury so severe that he required hip replacement surgery. Amazingly, he came back, making himself the only player in professional sports history to play with an artificial hip. This is his story.

Bo Jackson: Real Life Superhero

Rarely do professional athletes stand in awe of other athletes’ physical abilities in the way that athletes did when Bo Jackson played. He was the first person to be an All-Star in two major sports, starring for baseball’s Kansas City Royals and football’s Los Angeles Raiders. He frequently did things in both baseball and football that were quite frankly unbelievable and gained a reputation as a real-life superhero who could do anything physically. However, everything changed during a 1990 playoff game against the Bengals. What looked like a routine tackle resulted in a dislocated hip, and when Bo popped the hip back into the socket (a feat regarded as impossible by the doctor who initially treated him) he severed a vital artery that provided blood to his hip joint. Unfortunately for Bo, the injury caused avascular necrosis that required hip replacement surgery to treat. Bo vowed to come back to the baseball field someday, although many thought that it would be impossible given the fact that no one had ever played a professional American sport with an artificial hip.

But of course, Bo did come back. Thanks to his natural strength and some very innovative physical therapy (such as drawing a bow with his feet and firing arrows at a distant target) he was able to play three more years with the White Sox and Angels before finally calling it a career. Today, he is involved in several business ventures and is still a beloved figure to fans of the Raiders and Royals.

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