Joe Theismann and the Break Seen Round the World

Joe Theismann was an MVP and Super Bowl-winning quarterback for the Washington Redskins who was known around the league as a fierce competitor. However, in 1985, Theismann’s career came to shocking end during a nationally-televised Monday Night Football game against…Read More

Tommy John Surgery Saving Baseball Pitching Careers

A Tommy John injury and subsequent surgery is an increasingly common occurrence in athletes who play sports that involve throwing. Hundreds of athletes involved in performance sports, mostly baseball players, have been affected by the injury. The condition and treatment…Read More

Kevin Ware Struggles After Traumatic Leg Injury

One of the most traumatic sports injuries recorded happened to Louisville Cardinals college basketball guard Kevin Ware. The nationally-televised injury sickened players, coaches and fans alike. The horrible injury has since left Ware struggling to regain top-game performance. How It…Read More