Rashad Johnson Fingertip

Although sports injuries are common among football players, this contact sport is most often associated with impact and joint injuries, rather than loss of limb. However, during a game in 2003, Arizona Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson experienced an unexplained injury…Read More

Designing a Golf Swing to Save You from Back Pain

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NaVorro Bowman torn ACL

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Exploding Ear

UFC fighting is a popular sport that is not without its commonplace injuries. However, a 2014 women’s Bantamweight fight between Leslie Smith and Jessica Eye took an unexpected and gruesome turn when a punch from Eye caused Smith’s ear to…Read More

Women’s Lacrosse Poses High Concussion Risk

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The Golfer’s Guide to Injury Prevention

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Designing a Warmup Routine to Prevent Lacrosse Injuries

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Anthony Conner from Louisville – Broken Neck

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